Okayama University took part in a "Success Story" event organised by EURAXESS-Japan (European Commission)

Date: 2020/06/08

On May-19th-2020, EURAXESS-Japan** organised a Webinar session focused on "MSCA - Success Stories" of the period 2014-2020. MSCA stands for "Marie Slodowska-Curie Action", it is a Research and Training program supported by the EU Commission.

At this event 3 projects were highlighted: 2 RISE and 1 ITN

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The Webinar mode was preferred to limit the physical presence at a more standard event as a result of the Corona outbreak.
Pr. Judit MAGYAR head of EURAXESS-Japan introduced the event (IMAGE). Mr. P. JANKOWSKI from the European Commission - MSCA programs - then gave a brief overview of the 4 components of MSCA: RISE, ITN, I-F (Individual Fellowship) and COFUND.

 After this introduction section, speakers of the 3 selected projects depicted for 20mn the main features of their EU-Japan collaborative programs: BE-ARCHAEO (RISE) coordinated by University of Turin, TeraApps (RISE) coordinated by Glasgow University and Protein Factory by University of Gröningen.
BE-ARCHAEO represented by Prs. E. Diana and L. Guidorzi from University of Turin, Pr. N. Matsumoto from Okayama University demonstrated a high-level of EU-Japan collaborative work (pictures). In the 2 others, collaborations were also highlighted.

** EURAXESS Japan is a European Commission initiative, dedicated at providing free access to information about European and Japanese research opportunities, career and job offers, international collaboration and networking possibilities. 


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