Global Academics


To build an international research profile, Okayama University (OU) URA relies on four Key-Words; Visibility, Excellence, Global approach and Attractiveness which are the cornerstones of our strategy and may give the University the appearance of the VEGA star.

1 – To make the University more Visible on the international arena, we promote OU Research to world’s best universities and research institutes, support OU researchers to start and further international research projects, and provide strategic advice to the University and faculty in areas where international research cooperation and partnerships are sought.

2 – To attract world’s best Excellence, we aim at inviting top researchers from all over the world as well as promoting student and faculty mobility between OU and foreign institutions.

3 –We promote research in a Global approach by engaging all socioeconomic actors, which will enable the University to build a strong link with the wider society and make contributions both within and outside Japan.

4 –  Finally to make the research at OU more Attractive, we will focus on OU’s research strenghts and its responsibility to address economic and social needs, incluiding energy transition, environmental conservation or health care. We will raise the research level and ambition to become one of the world’s leading research university, and provide a strategic support to improve research environment and working conditions.

Main Activities

●Organisation of International events

 Global Future Session
 International URA Seminar

●Upgrade of the OU’s International Research Website

We are deeply commited to building OU’s new international research website which will be designed to allow visitors to explore OU’s research activities and highlights through 5 areas: Life and Health, Matter and Energy, Linving Earth and Environment, Engineering and Modelling, and Humanities and Social Sciences.

●Development of Partnerships with world-leading Institutions.

The List of Visited Overseas Institutions


We aim to develop partnerships with world-leaading universities and research institutes. Visits to those institutions based on analysis of opportunities for multidirectional collaboration are the key drivers to effective strategy implementation. Those visits have already resulted in a significant acceleration of student/staff mobility and joint research projects, and also encouraged the reciprocal visits by delegations of some of the top-level universities, which allowed them to get an on-site comprehensive understanding of the research at Okayama University.

Some Examples of the Major Results So Far

●Participation in MaMaSELF Erasmus Mundus program


   *Preparations are underway to become a MaMaSELF partner institution.


●Collaboration with Grenoble DCM (Molecular Chemistry Dept.)

●Collaboration with Tyndall Institute – Cork, Ireland


●Student exchanges between OU and UPMC