The URAs, driving force for research enhancement, are striving to be of great benefit in assisting our executive officers.



SATO Hiroya

Office of Collaborative Research Office for Innovation Management Core Project Owner,
Co-creation Field of Humanities/Sociology/Science and Engineering
Senior Research AdministratorSenior Research Administrator

Main Focus:
University industry-academia-government collaboration management
Device technology and its system application technology

Graduated from Electronic Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University in 1985.

During my stay at MIT, I was engaged in research on compound semiconductor devices.

For 30 years carrier at consumer electronics company, I have involved in the process from research to commercialization (TRL2-9), ranging from researchers to executives in the fields of both devices and products (systems), including contribution to world first launch of large LCD TV series, so called Kameyama-Model.

At my previous post at the university, I led the” Planning and Coordination Unit of the Headquarter Office for GaN Research Strategy”, so called "Team Amano", where I was involved in the entire process from the creation of various national projects to organizational design, as well as the construction of research buildings.

I hope that we can contribute to the development of our hometown together.

I look forward to hearing from you by email.



Senior Research Administrator

Main Focus:
Research management to contribute giving Okayama University (O-U) Research an internationally recognized and global profile.

Graduated in Physics at Grenoble University in France, Joined CNRS in 1985 and got the title "Director of Research" in 2001, Director of the LMGP (, Advanced Functional Materials research unit for 7 years until 2014.

The implementation of a strategic plan including the promotion of O-U research during trips abroad and specifically to European Universities, the support to most talented O-U young researchers to visit best foreign Universities and Research Institutes, invitations of world-class researchers on chair of excellence positions to work with O-U research teams are some of the most important axis of the strategy of international development- "Thinking global, global research"



Norito SATOH

Research Administrator

Main Focus:
Latest international medical treatment
Drug development fields
Humanities and social sciences fields

Graduated from the Graduate School, Okayama Univ.; conferred a degree (in theology) by the National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluations; completed the Graduate School of Policy and Management, Doshisha Univ.; and the Okayama Univ. Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Doctor (of dentistry).

I would like to harness my experiences thus far to provide proactive support to doctors working in dentistry and pharmacology or the humanities and social sciences, and doctors that are thought of as combining different sectors and working in new domains through this URA that is unique to Okayama University. I would also like to take part in promoting various different types of education and research and university reforms together with everyone in aiming to make Okayama University a research university.

Akira IMAI

Research Administrator

Main Focus:
Promotion and management of industry-academia-government collaboration

Graduated from Department of Communication Engineering, Osaka University in 1987

I worked in an electronics company and had various working experience in the company. I engaged in basic research in computer science by the secondment to a Japanese MITI project in my 20s, then conducted technology planning in the company’s European labs in the UK in my 30s. I developed and commercialized world-first novel liquid crystal displays such as 3D LCDs and DualView LCDs as a project leader in my 40s, then in my 50s, my work extended to new business development for non-display applications using display fabrication facilities, and company management of an affiliated company located in Yonago, Japan as CEO of the company. Coming back to my hometown Okayama for the first time in 40 years, I would like to activate local communities and industries centered on Okayama University’s research activities, by fully making use of the expertise from basic research to commercialization.



Research Administrator

Main Focus:
Academia-oriented projects and international collaboration
Ph.D./Applied Physics at Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University, in 1999.

He has mainly engaged in education and basic-research (physics, optics, chemistry, etc.) as a professor at universities or national laboratories in Japan or abroad. Furthermore, he experienced management works as a responsible on-site manager in governmental projects for international collaborations or with industries. With the various experience/expertise obtained through the activities aforementioned, he contributes to Okayama University.


Research Administrator

Main Focus:
Fields for innovative materials and usage techniques
Fields for international technology transfers

Graduated from the Department of Chemistry, Kwansei Gakuin University and completed the Chemistry Ph.D. Course at the University of Leicester, United Kingdom. Ph.D.

I would like to explore the possibility of newly deploying Okayama University's research by means of broadly drawing attention to the outstanding research and technology found at the university, as well as by cooperating with research institutes both within Japan and overseas. At the same time as this, I would also like to turn Okayama University into a venue for global education and research activities, which will lead to boosting its international visibility.




Research Administrator

Main Focus:
Life science

Graduated from the Department of bioscience and biotechnology, Okayama University and completed the Engineering Ph.D. Course
at Okayama University.

I have been doing research for 6 years in NINS after getting my PhD.
This experience does help me to support researchers with consideration of their actual needs. I would like to do my best to contribute to promoting the research activities in Okayama University.


Clerical staff(3 persons)

We give our administrative support to URA’s activities so that Okayama University will become a university that serves as a driver for research activities in Japan.  We support symposia, workshops, or seminars organized by our office, and also attend outside seminars to get information or to reinforce networks with other related organizations.