Research Promotion Strategies

Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities (by MEXT) Okayama University:
Challenging World-Class Universities with Excellent Performance in Research.

As part of the above MEXT program, we have established the Organization for Global Advanced Interdisciplinary Sciences, a special new zone for research that has as its core our research centers in physics and basic life sciences, which are areas where we are particularly strong. With this zone as a hub, we will enhance our capabilities by reorganizing our research frameworks to create an environment where researchers can devote themselves to their work and by increasing the number of university research administrators (URAs), who are personnel providing researchers with support.

Other related initiatives that we are undertaking include promoting international collaboration and accelerating the reform of our research environments for the furtherance of large-scale partnerships with industry. Through this program by MEXT, we will increase the number of scientific papers published by Okayama University researchers, as well as the number of those scientific papers that have a high relative citation impact in physics and basic life sciences. Our objective for these activities is to become a university that serves as a driver for research activities in Japan. We will also establish a structure to pass the results obtained at the Organization for Global Advanced Interdisciplinary Sciences to prospective research cores (or satellite research cores) to enhance the research capabilities of the University as a whole.