1. Realize the Objective of Okayama University as a Research University

Contribute to establishing Okayama University's position as a research university that can present international academic results.

2. Assist with the Creation of Grand Designs for Large Project Research

Assist with the creation of grand designs (equivalent to creating research strategies) for large project research led by Okayama University that are aimed at resolving the challenges focused on by society.

3. Launch Large Project Research by Partnering with Other Institutes

Launch large project research arrangements through wide-ranging partnerships with other universities and research institutes.

4. Propose Large Project Research at the National Level

Select large project research themes that are consistent with national policies and measures, and propose these to the relevant ministries and agencies after Okayama University has established internal and external partnership arrangements.

5. Cultivate and Secure URA Human Resources

Cultivate human resources befitting the URA at Okayama University and uncover new human resources from a long-term perspective.

岡山大学URA 8つの役割

1. Brain Trust for Improving and Reforming the Research Environment

The top management plays the role of a brain trust that proposes and implements improvements and reforms for the research environment.

2. Go-Between for Researchers and Top Management

The URA’s role is to act as a go-between for top management and researchers by extensively consolidating together the opinions and proposals of researchers and reporting these to top management.

3. Agent for Top Management in Front-Line Social and Research Settings

The URA’s role is to serve as an agent that works to transmit and entrench the top management’s research policies (Okayama University as RU) in front-line social and research settings.

4. Servant Leader that Connects Researchers with One Another and Supports Them

Rather than acting as a dominant leader, the URA’s role is to be a servant leader that serves and offers coordination for individual researchers from a perspective of overall optimization by coordinating cases.

5. Collector of Information from Funding Agencies

The URA’s role is to remain closely involved with funding agencies and quickly obtain information on things like new grants and research plans.

6. Intermediary Connecting Society and Researchers

The URA’s role is to determine social needs and researchers’inclinations, and create mechanisms whereby results that would have the greatest impact for both sides can be achieved.

7. Promoter that Creates New Markets from the University

The URA’s role is that of a promoter that seamlessly hands over the academic seeds disseminated by the university to the next players (companies, etc.) out of consideration for paths for the creation of new markets.

8. Incubator for Human Resources to Handle Research that Are Well-Suited to Society

The URA’s role is to cultivate human resources for research who will serve as generalists with insight into society, education, and research as a whole.