Sorbonne University - Paris - is expanding its collaborations in Japanese research and education organization
Professor W. Sacks is a Visiting Professor at Okayama University and teaches in I-Ma-C


The collaboration between Okayama University and prestigious partners around the world is keeping up the pace. In particular, further expansion is underway with Sorbonne University - the best one in France - , Faculty of Science and Engineering, Paris. The collaboration spans ERASMUS (International Credit Mobility) student exchanges, JSPS support (BRIDGE), substantial student exchanges within the Internship program (15 students /year) and participation in the recently launched I-Ma-C (International Master Course - Okayama).
With the goal of strengthening the joint research and education programs with Japan, some specific and original attempts are being performed by Professor W. Sacks from Sorbonne University
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In June 2019, at Okayama University, Professor Sacks is elaborating new models by discussing with Ariane Dupond, a Sorbonne University - ERASMUS - student at Okayama University and professor M. Nohara, Ariane's supervisor.

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Professor Sacks is elaborating new models by discussing with Prof. Nohara

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Professor William Sacks


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