"BE-ARCHAEO: at the eve of Kick-Off !!"

Date: 2018/9/7

BE-ARCHAEO (BEyon-ARCHAEOlogy) is a H2020-MSCA-RISE-2018 project, accepted for funding by the European Commission in July-2018.

It is coordinated by Torino University - Italy. The project involves 6 European beneficiaries and 2 Japanese partners: The Educational Organisation of Shimane Prefecture and Okayama University. The Okayama University strategic and technical commitment is entrusted to the Graduate School of Humanities and Social sciences and to the Department of Archaeology. Okayama University is a central partner in this 4 year project supported by the European Commission.



BE-ARCHAEO launches a trans-disciplinary approach of past social experience acquired at archaeological sites. The commitment of IT experts to on-the-field interplay between archaeologists and an exhaustive set of interlinked archaeometry experts will create a truly interdisciplinary and trans-sectoral environment.

BE-ARCHAEO is very ambitious: it is expected to be the cradle of a range of challenging objectives where more than 50 Japanese and European archaelogists and scientists such as chemists, physicists, geologists, pedologists and veterinarians are expected to collaborate to produce sets of intercorrelated data. Their disciplinary skills will contribute in developing a new trans-disciplinary vision of archaeology combined with archaeometry. This will give rise to a new storytelling: from the archaeological site to the museum display.

BE-ARCHAEO is expected to give rise to a range of innovative outcomes such as: -- 2 exhibitions in prestigious museums: Museum of Ancient Izumo in Shimane prefecture (in 2022) and Museum of Oriental Arts in Torino (2022)

-- 2 summer schools (one in Torino – Italy, and one in Okayama – Japan) targeted to master, PhD and post-doc students as well as to researchers from private and public institutions for exploitation, conservation and management of archaeological heritage.

-- A documentary movie on the development of the project and its scientific results.

-- An integrated database collecting – for the first time ever - a multidisciplinary and systematic investigation of Japanese proto-history.

-- New software tools for scientific examination of artefacts and for virtual exhibitions relying on the combination of archaeology and science.

-- New scientific procedures for the investigation of past social experiences registered at archaeological sites.

The BE-ARCHAEO kick-off will be given in late February 2019 at Okayama University, with representatives from all BE-ARCHAEO beneficiaries and partners (about 25 members). Representatives of Institutions supporting ARCHAEO will be also invited: A European Commission officer, a representative from the European Delegation in Tokyo and a representative from the Okayama City hall.

Let us wish all the best to this large scale project where cross-fertilisation of a large international net of interdisciplinary researchers will play a major role.