SAKU – 咲く– FY2019 Program 

Supporting Advanced activities of Key yoUng researchers :

Okayama University URA (University Research Administrator) division is pleased to announce the opening of the call for proposals for SAKU program 2019. SAKU is a multiannual support program with an aim to provide strategic support to young talented researchers to enhance their potential and expertise domestically and globally. This program is open for those who wish to increase their international research profile by building connections with foreign researchers.
The objective of the program is to allow them to visit more than 2 overseas institutions during a week to 10 day tour.

1. About the Program

Each successful applicant will conduct a tour designed by him/herself to strengthen and explore the possibilities of international collaboration with best international teams. A great freedom is left the applicants to describe their projects, to express themselves and demonstrate their capabilities to international research during the tours. They may include not only discussions and presentations at institutions, but also participation in scientific events, such as symposiums or seminars.
Destinations can be any region of the world. However western countries, where Okayama University wishes to strongly enhance its potential, should be more favourably considered.

2. Research Fields

A) Material Science, including related research field such as modelling, solid state physics

B) Biology, including life sciences and medical fields

C) Environmental Sciences

D) Humanities and Social Sciences

3. Support

SAKU program will support following expenses.

a) Travel expenses including round-trip air ticket (economy class only)

b) Accommodation fees

c) Daily allowance

Note: maximum support from this program is up to 500,000 yen.

4. Points to note

a) Tours will be conducted during the period of September 1st 2019 to March 31st 2020.

b) Tour length will depend on the number of sites to be visited. For example, 7 - 8 days for 2 sites,
    and 9 -10 days for 3 sites or more, but the total length will not exceed 10 days.

c) Application form will be written in English.

d) Successful applicants will be required to submit reports after completion of the tours.
    The  outcomes of the SAKU proposal should clearly and extensively explained in the text.
    A careful follow-up will be done by URA division for several years after each SAKU mission

e) Research presentation of each successful applicant at visited site will include 4 to 5 slides
    to promote Okayama University. (The slides will be provided by URA division, if necessary)

f) SAKU Program will support only for the purpose of networking activities (Laboratory activities will 
   not be included.)

5. Eligibility Criteria

In order to allow Okayama University to invest in the long term to increase a recognised and sustainable international profile, the program is open to those who fulfil the following eligibility criteria.

a) Applicants must hold a Ph.D. at the time of the deadline for submission of applications.

b) Applicants must be employed by Okayama University as permanent or special contact (Fixed-Term) employee.

c) Applicants must be Assistant Professors, Senior Assistant Professors, or Associate Professors. (Full Professors are not eligible.)

d) Previous recipients of SAKU support are NOT eligible to apply this time.



6. Selection Process:

I) Submission of applications (Deadline : 28th of June)

II) Screening with written materials to select candidates for interviews. (Results will be announced early July)

III) Oral presentation (in English) and interviews with Evaluation Committee (9th of August)

IV) Final selection of 5 laureates will be announced (Early August)


Composition of the Evaluation Committee:

Committee members will be internationally recognized senior researchers and URAs of Okayama University.


7. How to apply

Applicants are required to submit “Application Form for FY 2019 SAKU Program” by email to the following two email addresses.

Application Form for FY 2019 SAKU ProgramWord_2013_24px.png


Bernard CHENEVIER –Professor/ Senior URA Okayama University

Emi UNEYAMA  – URA Okayama University

* Please replace "[at] " with "@" in the above email addresses.

Deadline : 28th of June 2019