10th Global Future Session - Research Workshops at INRS Canada

Date: 2015/10/16
A delegation of Okayama University led by Dr. Shin-ichi Yamamoto, Vice-President of Research visited the National Institute of Scientific Research (Quebec – Canada) from October 13th to 16th 2015. The delegation was invited by Professor My Ali El Khakani of the Energy, Materials and Telecommunications (EMT) Research Center and Professor Yves Begin, Vice-Rector of Research and Academic Affairs at INRS. During this visit, 2 scientific workshops were held at INRS. Researchers of both universities had the opportunity to present their activities and explore future pathways of joint collaborations in areas of mutual interests such as advanced materials, light-matter interactions, energy, and water and environment preservation.

 In those workshops, Professor Federico Rosei, Director of the EMT Center and Professor Jean-François Blais, Director of the Water, Soil and Environment Center presented the main lines of research performed in their respective centers. Dr. Yamamoto shared the vision of Okayama University in terms of research and innovation. Perspectives of international joint projects were also discussed.

 The workshop participants also discussed main means to strengthen the collaborations between Okayama University and INRS, more specifically joint training programs and research projects as well as common meetings. Each workshop was followed by lab tours to see major facilities of INRS in the field of Nano-fabrication and characterisation of advanced materials and femto-science. The laboratory of environmental water testing was also visited.

 It was the second time that representatives of both institutions met together; an INRS delegation visited Okayama University in April 2015. The visit was organised by Dr. Chenevier and Professor El-Khakani and it was the first opportunity to exchange common interests in a number of main research activities.


Scientific workshop at INRS

Vice Rector of Research and Academic Affairs
at INRS, Professor Begin (left) and Professor
El-Khakani (right) with delegation of Okayama University