Dr. Chenevier gave presentation to EU Ambassador to Japan

Date: 2016/7/6
His excellency Mr. Viorel Isticioaia-Budura, Ambassador of the European Union to Japan and his wife visited Okayama University on June 29th, 2016 to give a lecture titled “European Higher Education in the World”.
The lecture was attended by a large number of students, professors and University staff.

Prior to the lecture, a presentation of the research activities at Okayama University was given by Senior Research Administrator B. Chenevier. He presented the international development strategy of Okayama University, particularly the recent significant development of the joint activities with Europe, such as participations in Horizon2020-MSCA projects proposals supported by the European Commission. He also introduced a program which was launched last year by himself. The aim of the program is to support young talented researchers to internationally promote their research and explore the possibilities to collaborate with top level researchers in foreign countries especially in Europe and North America.
The program was named “SAKU (Supporting Advanced activities of Key yoUng researchers)” which means “to bloom” in Japanese.

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Dr. Chenevier emphasized the importance of education as it is closely related to research activities and today’s young students are the seeds of tomorrow’s research excellence. Ambassador Isticioaia-Budura payed particular attention to the strong commitment of Okayama University to development of international student mobility. Dr. Chenevier showed how significantly the number of international students, mostly from France, who come to Okayama University to do their research internships increased in the last two years. 

Finally Dr. Chenevier shed light on a unique program that Okayama University has been engaged in. The program is called GSCO (Global Science Campus in Okayama) program. (http://www.science.okayama-u.ac.jp/sakidori/index_e.html
The program is funded by JST and designed to encourage high school students in Okayama and nearby regions to be exposed to university level science education and international environment. Dr. Chenevier concluded, “We are proud that Okayama University is strongly contributing to the education of young generation and very excited to boost the initiation of high-school students to international outstanding research and to stimulate them to intercultural approaches and mutual understanding”.