Dr. Chenevier’s 6th exploratory mission to Europe

Date: 2016/8/10
From June 29th (departure Okayama) to July 13th 2016 (return to Okayama), Dr. B. Chenevier Senior URA at Okayama University went to Europe for a 6th exploratory mission, aiming at promoting Okayama University research in some of the most prominent Universities and research centers.
The first visited site was UGA: Université Grenoble Alpes. UGA is a high-level University where the traditions – of innovation, diversity, excellence – are embodied in a longstanding expertise in education to create a welcoming environment for international students, faculty, and staff and fostering the necessary skills for those who wish to broaden their horizons with an international experience.

During his stay at UGA Dr. Chenevier met the chief executives of the International Affairs to promote the excellent relations between Okayama University and UGA that are rapidly growing in terms of : a - Student Mobility – 5 UGA master level students are now spending every year 3 – 6 months in research teams of Okayama University - b – Joint research projects and visits of Okayama University researchers c – E-learning and research community development projects to expose Okayama high-school students to international research. Projects are co-organised by Okayama University and the CSI “Cité Scolaire Internationale” the International high-school of Grenoble.

He also visited ESRF and met Dr. G. Admans Chief Executive of Science Communication and Dr. J-L. Hazemann, Principal Investigator. These visits were excellent opportunities to discuss and further prepare a mission of an Okayama University Delegation at UGA in next October 2016.


Universite Grenoble Alpes.png

Dr. Chenevier also visited CEA-Saclay site in the South of Paris. CEA is the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission in France. CEA is a key player in research, development and innovation in four main areas: defense and security, nuclear energy (fission and fusion), technological research for industry, fundamental research in the physical sciences and life sciences. Drawing on its widely acknowledged expertise, the CEA actively participates in collaborative projects with a large number of academic and industrial partners. The CEA is established in ten centers spread throughout France. It works in partnership with many other research bodies, local authorities and universities.

At CEA-Saclay, Dr. Chenevier could collaborate with scientists from the Laboratoire Léon Brillouin involved in the preparation of joint JSPS/CNRS research projects focused on fundamental studies of multiferroic materials.Dr. Chenevier could also be informed about the most recent developments made at CEA in the development of proton accelerators for the production of research neutron beams, a world-wide trend to replace research nuclear reactors. Those technologies are also subjects of intense research in Japan in particular for medical applications like BNCT where Japan and Okayama University in particular are main players.

Ms. Matsubara from Okayama University – Ph-D at Crismat Caen and CEA – and Dr. Chenevier 



As Okayama University is keen at strengthening its relationships with international research Institute where international research is a master key-word, Dr. Chenevier finally made a trip to Genoa in Italy where he had the opportunity to visit IIT: “Instituto Italiano di Tecnologia” (https://www.iit.it/). Genova hosts the main branch of the Institute in Italy. Several meetings were kindly organised by Dr. Roberto Marotta. Presentations of main features of the research performed at the Institute by a group of young researchers. The topics of the presentations were focused on nanomaterials properties for health and specific advanced imaging methods. Dr. Chenevier also gave a presentation of research activities at Okayama University During a lab-tour, Dr. Marotta and his teams demonstrated the cutting-edge ability of IIT in terms of Advanced electron microscopy techniques applied to the analysis of nanostructured materials for life science and energy applications “. A great indication of this prominent level is the presence at IIT of one of the prestigious 9 Nikon Imaging Centers in the world.
The visit to IIT ended up with discussions around the preparation of European Union supported research proposals.