As a BRIDGE-JSPS fellow, Professor Anne-Lise Poquet-Dhimane from UPMC - Université Pierre et Marie Curie - visited Okayama University in March and April 2017

Date: 2017/4/28
JSPS-Fellow from Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC) – Paris

In 2016 Professor Anne-Lise POQUET DHIMANE was awarded a JSPS-BRIDGE support to explore in Japan new pathways to strengthen the relations between UPMC and Japanese universities and research centers, more specifically in the field of chemistry.

Prof. POQUET DHIMANE was hosted by Prof. Yasushi NISHIHARA at Research Institute for Interdisciplinary Science, Okayama University, from March 18th through April 26th, 2017. She also visited Osaka Prefecture University, another strong partner of UPMC and other prospective universities such as Osaka University, Hiroshima Shudo University, and Kagoshima University.

At Okayama University Prof. POQUET DHIMANE had several meetings with chemists, physicists, and biologists. One of the main outcome is “Preliminary Project of International Master Course” focused on chemistry, solide state and material physics, and biology and relying on the numerous European Master Course level students visiting each research team in Okayama University to get exposure to Japanese cutting-edge research outcomes.

As a conclusion of her JSPS-BRIDGE stay in Japan, Prof. Dhimane triggers that a Japanese-French Science Bridge Master (JFSBM) is being considered from academic year of 2017/2018 between Okayama and UPMC.

Grenoble-Alpes University is expected to be a third partner of the newly expected formation offered in English which will mix courses and research projects in the laboratory.


March - 2017 --- From left to right:,
Prof.Nishihara,Dr.Chenevier,Prof.A-L.Poquet Dhimane,Prof.Yamamoto



Prof.Poquet-Dhimane visited Okayama University