Professor Shinichi Yamamoto, Executive Director and Vice Presidentfor Research, presenting on research promotion and international competitiveness strengthening at Okayama University

Date: 2015/06/16
"Eighth Japan Research Strategy Seminar" co-hosted by Times Higher Education (THE) & Elsevier Japan, with the support from the British Council Japan, was held successfully in Tokyo on June 16, 2015. The theme of the seminar was the promotion of research and the strengthening of international competitiveness.

This seminar welcomed over 200 attendees from across Japan, including university top managers, URAs, government officers and other persons interested in research administration. The presentations given by Mrs. Aya Maesawa (MEXT), Mr. Phil Baty (Times higher Education), and the others have attracted a great deal of attention, and very fruitful discussion among the attendees and the speakers.

Prof. Shinichi Yamamoto, Executive Director and Vice President for Research of Okayama University gave a presentation titled "Strategies for Enhancing the International Competitiveness in Research - A Challenge of Okayama University -". In his address, Prof. Shinichi Yamamoto discussed those strategies based on research analyses taken through bibliometrics methods. The initiatives and the activities implemented by Okayama University to enhance its international competitiveness were also introduced in details.

As one of the 19 universities selected in 2013 by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) Program for Promoting the Enhancement of Research Universities, we are striving to build on our strengths to create a globally competitive, research-based university.

Prof. Shinichi Yamamoto introducing Okayama University’s activities.

             Ongoing panel discussion.

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